Football!!!…(soccer for the Americans)

It’s important that no matter where you go, you learn the culture you’re in. It’s a great way to learn a lot about the people who are around here, and usually allows you to have a lot of fun. Be sure to think before you speak about something you’re not quite  sure about. If you have any questions, the locals will usually be more than happy to answer them for you, but just be careful before making any sweeping statements.  Seeing that I am in England the one activity that brings a majority if people together is football ( or well, soccer for the Americans).

Sunderland fortunately has its own team right here in town. Sunderland might not be the best, or even good when it comes to the overall standings. That doesn’t stop the huge display of support from the locals. When there is a home game at the Stadium of Light, it becomes an event for the whole city. It feels like the city’s population doubles because you see so many people coming out. Just make sure that if you come to Sunderland, don’t come here supporting Newcastle. The Geordies (people from Newcastle) and the Mackems (Sunderland) have a huge rivalry, for any Americans reading this it’s like the Yankees and the Red Sox. That being said, I haven’t seen to any violence between the Mackems and Geordies since I’ve been here. All in all, football brings cities together not just in Sunderland but in the UK all together.

I have a quick question for any readers of this blog. What is another cultural activity that brings cities together like football in Sunderland?

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  1. I like this blog cause im american studying in England for a semester and i really want to start getting into football or soccer. In america we heard about hooligans for each soccer team have you came across any, and are there certain pubs that americans are not welcome in? for your question in Chicago we have a event called the taste of chicago where all the cultures cook their type of food under tents and pass it out to everyone.

    • Thanks for the comment, from what I have been told by some of the locals certain pubs do not like having Americans in them. They prefer having locals. Have you ever gone to the Taste of Chicago, sounds interesting?

      • yeah ive gone. its one big melting pot of cultures. one stand could be greek food then right next to it could have indian food. its a really good time and a great way to step outside the box and try something new.

      • That sounds great. Maybe once I am done with Sunderland, I’ll have to check out that part of the world.

  2. No no no Jason please get that awful badge off your blog haha. Its Newcastle all the way :). Hope you have enjoyed your time so far and good luck in your travels keep blogging about your all your destinations.
    Wendy x x

    • Haha well I had to go with the Sunderland logo seeing how I am staying in Sunderland. Thanks for the comment, please keep up the viewing and comments.

  3. I follow Sunderland and I used to go to all the home games. The atmosphere created is electric but the best game is the Sunderland vs Newcastle one. You do get violence but you cannot beat the rivalry and banter between the two teams.

    • I wish I could see that game. That sounds amazing, from what I have heard from both sides it sounds extremely intense. Thanks for the comment.

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