Places to see Around Town.

Once you have a sure footing on how to get around town, now it’s time to go find out what the town has to offer. Seeing how you just moved to a town you should have done a little research to see what the town is like; however, research still will not tell you everything. You should start by going online and going to any search engine and type in your town’s name and see what comes up. You should have a variety of options to choose from after entering this into the search engine. After looking online for a while, try to speak to a neighbour or two to see their opinion on what is nice in your town. Now that you have a decent understanding what your town has to offer, use the transportation that best suits you and you are well on your way to exploring your new town.

I followed this simple outline since I have been in Sunderland and it has work out so far. I did some quick research online, and then spoke to some local residents in my flat. The information I was given by the residents was actually much better then the information I received online. The overall majority said that the Winter Museum and Gardens were the best things to see in Sunderland. The Winter Museum and Gardens are an awarding winning attraction that offer an insight to Sunderland’s past and present. It has a number of different displays all throughout the museum. It has multiple stories and has a beautiful garden located at the end of the museum next to a cafe. Outside the museum there are vast gardens with statues located all throughout the park. There is a big area for children to play in, and if you do not have any children, there are romantic views at the top of a small hill at the end of the park. You can sit on the benches and see right to the ocean. If you ever come to Sunderland make sure you check on the Winter Museum and Gardens.

Check this website out for things to do in Sunderland.

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  1. Looks beautiful! I’ll have to check it out!

    • Ya, it really is nice, and there is a nice cafe in the inside as well as across the street.

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