Getting Stuck

Well this is a carry over from my last entry about traveling.

Nothing is worse then having your travel options delayed or canceled because your carefully planned trip can come tumbling down. The worst part is that when you miss one leg of your traveling it usually has a lot worse consequences down the line. Miss a flight and lose your money while losing a night at your hotel or hostel, but perhaps the worst part is that you lose one day of vacation. Not everyone has a lot of free time to travel, so one day can really effect the overall mood and feel of the trip. However, not to worry there are many other options. Unless you are stuck on in island, or trying to get to one, you can usally find trains, buses, and flights to your destination, not to mention renting a car. If you do happen to be surrounded by some water look into getting a ferry or a boat ride over.

That being said sometimes you don’t have any options and you are just stuck. Lets say a volcano erupts and stops all flights for a few days and neither airlines nor governments are really prepared. This does change your entire trip, but the best you can do if you have already looked at all your options is start a new trip. You might as well look at other places, maybe small towns or big cities, that you never originally planned on going to. The most unfortunate consequence of this, however, is that you are undoubtedly going to spend more money and have less of a plan on what to do. But, sometimes not having a plan is the best way to see a new place because it allows you to just wander around and take in the sights. You might find a few hole in the wall places that few people would have stumbled upon normally. Your best bet if you don’t see any help coming your way is to try and enjoy yourself as much as you can and check back with the all transportation stations to see how to get back home.

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One of the best things about moving to a new place is that you can travel to new places that you might never have thought to visit. I am not referring to little trips that are a short metro or car ride away, but rather longer more planned out trips. Where ever you live there are many options to travel to new and exciting places. If you moved to America you can see a number of different things just in the country because it is so big; or if you move to any country in Europe it is extremely easy, and relatively cheap, to travel to any number of countries. If you want to get to your location quick the obvious option is to take an airplane. Airlines can be expensive, but it is the easiest way to get anywhere that is a few hours away. There are a number of budget airlines that can make the trip less expensive, the most famous of these in Europe is Easyjet ( However, there are a number to choose from. Trains and buses are cheaper and take a lot longer, but if you have the extra time, sometimes trains are the best way to go. They offer comfort and give you a great view of the scenery, not to mention are usually more roomy then normal planes. Buses are by far the cheapest, longest, and most uncomfortable option, but if you need to save some money that is your best bet. Searching online is the quickest and easiest way to find out all your options and usually the city you want to go will recommend options for you.

Being in England there are loads of options on where to go and how to get there. You can see the big cities in the country like London or Manchester by bus,¬† take a ferry to the Netherlands, train to Paris, or a flight to Italy, All of these options are pretty cheap and all have there ups and downs. The bus, although cheap, takes a very long time and is extremely uncomfortable. You do; however, get to see some nice things along the way and have the opportunity to get off the bus and stretch your legs. Taking a ferry is a great experience, but make sure you are not easily seasick. It does rock a lot and if you don’t really have much experience on the water go with some seasick pills. It’s an overnight trip, but really is a fun way to travel. Taking the train anywhere is another great experience in my opinion. Some of my best trips throughout Europe have been on trains. Trains are offered both just for day trips and some come with cots for overnight trips. They are usually pretty comfortable and give passengers the reassurance that they are on the ground not thousands of feet in the air. However, some can be very pricey, and some just take way to long. Finally, planes are the quickest and easiest way to travel. The upside with planes is you get to your destination fast and you usually don’t have to worry about your luggage. The downside with planes is they can be pricey, you have to go to the airport early, and a lot of people¬† have a fear of flying. I enjoyed the train, but when I needed to get somewhere planes were the way to go. All of these options leave no excuse why you shouldn’t explore the places around your new home.

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Night Life

I know it has been sometime since my last post, but I am back in front of a computer showing what it is like to adjust to a new culture.

Night life means a lot of different things to people. Some people think it means dinner and movie, others think it means going clubbing. Your city will most likely offer some options on what to do at night. First off, you must try have an open mind because you’re in a new culture and need to be open to try new things. That being said, you should head out one night to your city center and take a look around. More often then not, that will most likely give you the best information on what to do. Be careful, and make sure that you never go alone. A small group of people is the safest thing, but even with a small group make sure that you act smart. Once you see what your city has to offer, go have a blast.

In the UK, the cultural thing to do at night is head to the pubs and clubs. Unlike some other cultures, that see drinking as taboo, the UK incorporates drinking into its culture. Whether you are in Scotland drinking whiskey or in England drinking beer and cider, the favorite thing to do at night is head to the pub and relax for a few hours. The younger crowed doesn’t always head to pub, but instead to the more lively clubs. Sunderland offers a variety of clubs from live music to a DJ, but all of them usually offer a good time. Be sure never to drink and drive and as mentioned above take a few friends along with you. The people are usually extremely friendly and it offers another great way to meet a few new people. If you really enjoy the clubs, Newcastle is seen as one of the best hot spots for nightlife in the whole UK. If you don’t have a car the best way to get to Newcastle is to take the metro, but since the metro shuts down at 11 you will most likely need to take a taxi back to Sunderland. The ride isn’t long and if you have a few friends, it isn’t to expensive. Even if you if don’t like to drink the clubs and pubs offer a nice break from day to day life and are a good way to blow of some steam.

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