Night Life

I know it has been sometime since my last post, but I am back in front of a computer showing what it is like to adjust to a new culture.

Night life means a lot of different things to people. Some people think it means dinner and movie, others think it means going clubbing. Your city will most likely offer some options on what to do at night. First off, you must try have an open mind because you’re in a new culture and need to be open to try new things. That being said, you should head out one night to your city center and take a look around. More often then not, that will most likely give you the best information on what to do. Be careful, and make sure that you never go alone. A small group of people is the safest thing, but even with a small group make sure that you act smart. Once you see what your city has to offer, go have a blast.

In the UK, the cultural thing to do at night is head to the pubs and clubs. Unlike some other cultures, that see drinking as taboo, the UK incorporates drinking into its culture. Whether you are in Scotland drinking whiskey or in England drinking beer and cider, the favorite thing to do at night is head to the pub and relax for a few hours. The younger crowed doesn’t always head to pub, but instead to the more lively clubs. Sunderland offers a variety of clubs from live music to a DJ, but all of them usually offer a good time. Be sure never to drink and drive and as mentioned above take a few friends along with you. The people are usually extremely friendly and it offers another great way to meet a few new people. If you really enjoy the clubs, Newcastle is seen as one of the best hot spots for nightlife in the whole UK. If you don’t have a car the best way to get to Newcastle is to take the metro, but since the metro shuts down at 11 you will most likely need to take a taxi back to Sunderland. The ride isn’t long and if you have a few friends, it isn’t to expensive. Even if you if don’t like to drink the clubs and pubs offer a nice break from day to day life and are a good way to blow of some steam.

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