Mmm Mmm Food

Food can be another big cultural barrier, if you let it be. If you already have your mind-set on what you find appealing and what you find repulsive you might have a hard time moving to another culture. Generally speaking, if you move anywhere in the western world you should be alright with your choices of food. However, even similar cultures have different dishes. Not only restaurants, but going to grocery stores can also be different from what your used to.

The UK is similar to the US, but there still are differences when it comes to food. The US is known for its abundance of fast food wherever you go. You can’t go to far without seeing a number of different fast food places. However, contrary to popular belief, US doesn’t just have burger and pizza places but everything from Mexican to Thai. The variety of food is quite astounding. The grocery stores in the US are  much larger and offer more variety then those in the UK. That is the only real difference between the two, one offers more variety then the other.

The UK, famously known for fish and chips, doesn’t offer much variety in its food choices. Whether you go to the grocery store or looking for a quick bite to eat your choices are limited. Your options usually include a generic burger place like Burger King or McDonald’s, fish and chips, Indian food, or pizza. The variety might not be as large as the US, but the food quality doesn’t suffer. Having tasted fish and chips and Indian food in multiple places, both in the UK and US, the UK has seemingly won every time in a taste test. So keep in mind next time your going out in your new town, somethings are going to be different but that doesn’t mean there going to be worse.

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