More Ash in Europe

More news from Iceland.

Looks like the volcanic ash from the Icelandic volcano Eyjafjallajokull has again effected Europe. Thousands are again stranded all over Europe. The countries effected are the UK, Ireland, Spain, Portugal and France. The effects are not nearly as bad as the initial eruption and subsequent week of turmoil, but still is doing some damage. UK flight officials in London have said the problems are minor, but they have seen some delays and cancellations. Ryan Air has again been affected because of its main hub in Ireland. For up to date information on whats happening check out the Guardian link, Fly safe everyone.

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  1. I am meant to be going away in June to Egypt or Turkey. I really hope that all the ash is cleared away. I watch the the National Geographic Channel and before the volcano errupted I watched an episode where a flight was effected by ash cloud before. Take a look if you want.

  2. Thanks for the video. I know it is pretty scary stuff, and becomes such a hassle to try and get around. If your flight gets delayed or cancel will you still go?

  3. I wouldn’t like to think I had to fly right now to be honest! Better to be safe than sorry i say!

  4. Ya, I completely agree with you Laura. I would be pretty nervous to fly around Europe right now. Luckily, I’m not flying out for another month and a half.

  5. I am due to fly back to the States in just over a month and this volcano is making me nervous! I hope it quits, or at least hold off until I get back

  6. Ya, you should check out the guardian link on the post. It will update you on any further complications with this annoying volcano. Good luck!!

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